Bunny styles
bigEAR is made out of good genes - bio cotton, that is, but he could be made out of jeans if you wanted - and comes in the following variations:

- bigEAR basic; plain

Visible additions:
- bigEAR named; name stitched onto the left ear
- bigEAR with bespoke tummy; tummy has different fabric/embroidery

Audible additions:
- bigEAR with rattle body
- bigEAR with bell bum
- bigEAR with squeaky bum
- bigEAR with crackly ears

Sniffable additions:
- bigEAR calm down; tummy is filled with lavender/camomile

Further additions:
- bigEAR very natural; bunny is filled with sheep's wool
- bigEAR warm-up; tummy is filled with cherry stones/spelt/rye/wheat

More bigEAR items:
- bigEAR fabric book/shopping bags
- bigEAR kids bean bag
- bigEAR hot water bottle

As you can see bigEAR is a bespoke soft toy. Each bunny is unique, and could be given with lots of love from you, you or you...