Bunny tale
Everything began when bigEAR decided to hop out of a little burrow under the big oak tree next to the bench by the playground on a bright Sunday morning in London Fields, England. It was August 19, 2010 to be precise.

bigEAR is a happy fellow; he likes to make new friends. He's very chatty and always running around. He also can't stop eating carrot cake - it's his favourite. So bigEAR quickly grew into a healthy, big bunny and now measures approximately 25x15 centimetres in size and weighs 60 grams.

Now that bigEAR has grown up, his mummy Kiisu decided that it was about time to make a big hop and move to Zurich, Switzerland.

bigEAR really likes it here in Kreis 5 and gets very excited when he goes to visit the mountains. He can't wait to finally meet Heidi and the happy goats sometime soon.

Zurich is very different from London. There are mountains everywhere, a lake and lots of new food to try. bigEAR recently discovered that he really enjoys eating Swiss Schoggi and Fondue. They have both made it onto his list of top 5 foods, but he still loves carrot cake or R├╝blikuchen as they called it here the most!

These days you will find him bouncing around Zueri Lake. It's his new favourite activity.