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Dear you,
please remember that bigEAR is not an industrially mass-produced soft toy. So none are exactly the same or perfect. bigEAR is full of little beautiful imperfections that give him a lot of personality.

If you are thinking of giving bigEAR to a special someone for a special occasion, I advise you to order in advance as it takes a few days to get him ready and ship him to you. But I promise you to hurry up, so that you'll soon receive your own bespoke bunny.

Love, Kiisu

Ps: Since bigEAR is made out of only the nicest fabrics you could wash him in the washing machine at 30°C but he enjoys a gentle hand-wash more. Also, please do not bleach or tumble dry him he prefers soap and sunshine instead.

Additionally I would like to point out that bigEAR has no visible small parts but a bell or a squeak in his bum and some toy filling. The responsibility is in your hands to make sure that your beloved ones will not do any harm to themselves with this parts!

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