bigEAR & friends
bigEAR & friends is a fun collaboration between bigEAR and his mates spread all around the world (Berlin, London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Vienna, Zurich…). This project was initiated in the Spring of 2012.

The brief was to design some special bunnies for a special occasion. This time not for kids but for adults, bunny enthusiasts, design lovers, and collectors, instead.

Ten unique pieces are currently in the making. Once all of these special bunnies are finished, bigEAR hopes to have a few little exhibitions in different cities, where the bunnies will be sold and all of the proceeds donated to a childrens charity.


bigEAR NOTATEBENE; London, England
bigEAR NOTATEBENE is the first special bunny in this series and it's coming from London, England. This beautiful piece of adult handcraft was created by designer Zay, the founder of NOTATEBENE, as a part of her Pearl No. 1 range.

After creating the pattern each pearl was stitched on one by one. It took 11 hours to complete the bead embellished tummy and it took Kiisu another 4 hours to finish producing the bunny itself.


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bigEAR Simple Society; Berlin, Germany/Tokyo, Japan
Tilmann Steffen Wendelstein and Miki Kadokura are the founders of design studio »The Simple Society« and the creators of this gorgeous object. This bunny is made out of silver bubble wrap. The bigEAR shape was actually cut out of oversized bubble wrap envelopes and welded with a kitchen vacuum sealer to hold the pieces together and maintain the shape.

This shiny space bunny is the second special bigEAR in this series.


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bigEAR Aaron De La Cruz; San Francisco, USA
Bay area designer and illustrator artist Aaron De La Cruz hand drew this bad-ass tummy for bigEAR & friends number 3.

Aaron's work reminds me of great ancient mexican art translated into modern world's language. His work is minimal and direct. It can be found on custom streetwear, jewellery design, gigantic murals, custom bike frames, cars and even little bunnies!

Would love to see the world covered in his mazes-like patterns. One should just watch out not to get hypnotised!


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