bigEAR fans
bigEAR loves getting emails from his fans. Especially when he receives feedback and cute photos. So, if want to share something write me at Kiisu at bigEAR.

Thanks a bunch, Kiisu

bigEAR Andra with button tummy and bell bum; Pärnu, Estonia
bigNEWS: big-eared bunny replaces Snoopy. From now on Andra likes to fall asleep only with bigEAR on her side...

bigEAR Andra

bigEAR Matilda with floral tummy and squeaky bum; Brussels, Belgium
Matilda and her little friend are posing for the photo shoot. Looks like they are having a great time together!

bigEAR Matilda

A declaration of love from Stuttgart, Germany
This is the first love letter bigEAR recieved from a fan. Thank you very much Bjørn – we love you too!

bigEAR love letter

bigEAR Wally with traditional bow tie; London, England
Left: Wally Olins cuddling with bigEAR who is wearing his birthday bow tie
Right top: bigEAR Wally with traditional bow tie; Right bottom: birthday bow tie

bigEAR Wally